Jenny Winstanley at work in the pottery, creating yet another masterpiece! After producing lifelike clay based cats for over 40 years, her work is unsurpassable. She has managed to capture many lifelike cat poses and has managed to make them so lifelike, the cathedral glass eyes are so like the real thing that the models eyes seem to follow you wherever you are in the room!
Every piece created at the pottery bears the Winstanley signature, and size number underwritten on the base.
After each creation a mould is made for further models, here, in this part of the pottery are kept the moulds.
Above them, cats already fired in the furnace await painting by the winstanley artists
Cats removed from the moulds are cleaned of any clay residue, before drying in a fan assisted chamber. When completely dry and stable, they are fired for the first time.
Cats are loaded into the furnace before firing.

Below are pictures of the Winstanley artists at work applying the glazes in a unique manner which creates the mottled effects
which make the cats so lifelike.


Finally after the firing, the finnished
result, this is the Stockroom. Although we have listed all the models on the website, you can see by this stock that there are some completely differently painted models, some same models glazed black, ginger, tabby and so forth. If you like a model featured on the website, but would like to have it in a different colour, then please email us with your wishes.
The Winstanley artists will try and re-create a cherished cat from a photograph. This is a lengthy process and cannot be guaranteed to be an exact copy, however, they will do their best to capture the individual markings. This is a unique service and requires a good sized photograph for them to work from, however, email us before sending pictures.